Are Apple Finally Going To Make A Car?

For over ten years now we’ve heard that the tech giant would build their own car. Will it ever happen?

Rewind to over a decade ago. The ‘Titan’ project was undertaken by Apple. It’s aim was to create a fully self-driving machine using the huge tech resources of Apple. Since then we’ve seen autonomous driving come a long way. Think self-drive, think Tesla. Has Apple missed it’s opportunity?

It certainly looks like it. Plans announced this week seem to show that Apple will build a car but it won’t be anything like originally promised. It will likely be a scaled back EV with more in common with a basic Tesla than with the higher end offerings by them and companies like Rivian. The new model is slated for a 2028 launch and is thought to have a level 2 status of self-driving. A good bit away from Tesla’s level 4. Apple had originally hoped for level 5.

It is likely they’ll use this vehicle as a base for more tech and might eventually get to higher levels of autonomy. But where will all the other manufacturers be by then?