Brands, Rebrands and Sub-Brands

We are truly in an age of branding. There are so many to pick from but is all this choice just an illusion?

A prime example is Jaguar Land Rover, who have just split their sub-brands into their own individual entities. A bold move.

75 years of referring to the Land Rover name first has now been removed overnight. Now we just have Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar.

Range Rover Sport on 22″ Judd JSF3 wheels

So what’s to come from the new brands? Probably more of the same from Range Rover, Defender and Discovery. In truth Range Rover had become it’s own brand many years ago, you rarely hear someone call a Range Rover a ‘Land Rover Range Rover’ but Defender is pretty synonymous with Land Rover. Of all the brands Jaguar seems to have the most interesting future. It is apparently going to be mainly electric, a brave move considering it’s a brand with a hugely significant motorsport history and reputation.

Range Rover Sport on 23″ Judd Model One
Jaguar F Type on Judd T311R