Car Brand Collaboration

Does one good thing plus another always make something good? Many auto manufacturers are betting it does.

Last week we saw another tie up of automotive makers. This time it was the iconic British brand Aston Martin partnering up with American electric newbies Lucid. Like most major manufacturers Aston Martin have promised a full electric line-up by 2030. The date most European countries are aiming for as they look to ban the mass production of internal combustion engined cars.

Most will see this as a partnership that Aston Martin needs. After all, they haven’t even produced a hybrid yet (unless you count the ultra expensive, ultra exclusive Valhalla supercar). In return Lucid will take around 4 percent of Aston Martin. Chinese giants Geely already own 17 percent and Mercedes Benz are looking to take about 20 percent at the time of writing. In turn, Lucid will gain the prestige of an iconic car maker and also a valuable look into the lucrative Chinese market .

Big Numbers

Right now the only car Lucid are producing is a luxury sedan, the Air. This features a 3 motor setup that in it’s ‘R’ guise produces a whopping 1200bhp. Now you can see where Aston Martin are going. Coupling this kind of motor with Geely’s tech and market access and Aston Martin’s heritage and current F1 pedigree makes for a pretty formidable combination.

We look forward to what is to come!