Government Going Back On Going Green

Will we need to wait a little longer for electrification?

This week we have seen a bit of a shift from the UK government on their Net Zero and green policies. The banning of the sale of petrol and diesel cars has been pushed back from 2030 to 2035. A shift that has been expected by many many people.
The original target seemed optimistic at best, given the lack of infrastructure required to make this happen. The British electricity network, urban layout and variety of dwelling situations made this a very tricky task from the outset. It is much easier to implement charging structure in newer countries with modern road and street networks than in the mish-mash of the UK city and country scenes. These obstacles coupled with the cost of living crisis and other factors such as ULEZ have meant that the powers that be have effectively had to give in.

Tesla Model Y on Judd JSF1 wheels

One of the major problems with electric cars is the cost of them. A very ordinary electric vehicle will cost around £25k easily. When you think what you can buy at this price point in petrol or diesel guises you can see the problem. Electric car grants and incentives have also faded away. Then there is the matter of charging. What if you live in a flat? Or you don’t have a driveway? Electricity as also gotten much more expensive.

It has unfortunately been a bit of a perfect storm when it has come to electric cars. But many are very happy as they do not want to be forced into electrification. Even the 2035 deadline looks rather unrealistic now…