Hot EVs Coming Soon

Interesting Electric Options About To Be Available In The Near Future

Love them or hate them, one thing is certain and that is that electric cars are the future. Every year we see manufacturers adding more and more EVs to their line-ups. Here are a few to look forward to.

Alfa Romeo Giulia EV=

The ICE Giulia is due to undergo a facelift in the next year and with it there will be an EV version making around 350bhp, while a Veloce variant will produce an expected 80bhp. The range topper Giulia will continue to use the iconic Quadrifoglio name and should make around 1000bhp. It will be offered with 800-volt, ultra-rapid charging and a range of up to 500 miles.

The new Giulia EV could potentially look like this.


The i5 has been out for a while now and offers real luxury and comfort with a decent range. The M version will make this model a bit of a wild thing. An expected 1100bhp, flared fenders and a more aggressive stance take this into supercar territory. A four-motor drivetrain incorporating wheel-by-wheel torque vectoring means the M will have party tricks like drift modes and tank turns at it’s disposal.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Worth all the hype? It seems so. Early reviews of the N version of the popular Ioniq have been widely positive. Hyundai have somehow managed to make an EV that is engaging to drive. It’s fast, it has drift modes and even features a simulated gearshift option.