JLR Looking To Make Vehicles More Secure

Jaguar Land Rover rolling out new measures to make their models less prone to theft.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or two you would have definitely heard about the huge raft of Range Rovers being stolen. Stories of them being impossible to insure have been circulating both online and offline for months now but are they really true?

It seems they are. Last year in the London area 1 in 50 Range Rover Velars was stolen. The year before this there were over 5000 Range Rovers stolen. The cars are mainly targeted through their keyless entry systems using what is called a ‘relay attack’ where the keys communication with the vehicle is extended to make it easy to gain entry. This ease of access plus the high value of the vehicle has made them prime targets for theft.

So, for the last year JLR has been rolling out safety updates in an effort to cut down the vulnerability of their cars. Vehicles from 2018 on are eligible for these updates on all Range Rover, Defender, Discovery and Jaguar vehicles. JLR has spent about £15M so far and around 160,000 vehicles have been updated.