Luxury Cars That Won't Break The Bank

Mercedes Benz S Class (W222)

For just over 10 grand you can get yourself a 2014 S Class if you look hard enough. These cars were the epitome of luxury when they came out and many feature extras that you’d be happy to get on a more modern vehicle, like 360 degree cameras, The interiors are very luxurious if a tiny bit dated by now. Look for one that’s had an easy life and you’ll be getting serious bang for your buck.

Volkswagen Phaeton

VW’s answer to Merc and BMW never really took off but it really was an amazing piece of kit. The fact that they never made a dent in their rivals segment means they can be picked up for bargain prices. A seriously smooth 3 litre V6 packed with all the toys can be had for less than £10,000. The level of tech in these cars is still pretty impressive by today’s standards.

Audi A8 (Long Wheelbase)

If you’re looking for something a little bit more subtle on the interior then the D4 A8 is definitely an option. The car features an aluminium chassis, adaptive air suspension and Audi’s Quattro all wheel drive system. It’s luxurious yet sporty and is one of only a few cars that are as nice to drive as they are to be driven in. Passengers will love the space in the back as well as the TVs and the myriad of controls. A good one can be had for under £10k.

Lexus LS600H

A ‘green’ limousine? This is about as close as it gets. Marrying a 380bhp V8 to a 220bhp electric motor makes this machine smooth, quiet and pretty quick. The emissions are incredibly low for a car of this stature. The interior is a real luxury leather-fest. Handling is actually very good when you think this car weighs 2 tons. A good example will set you back just £9000. These cars were around £80,000 when they first came out.

BMW 7 Series

Yes it’s a bit of a tank but what a car! The E38 iteration of the 7 series is the height of late 90s luxury. A 4.4 litre V8, bluetooth and satnav were cutting edge at the time. This car could well become a modern classic and could be specced with a huge host of options at the time. Expect to spend from £7k upwards depending on how original it is.