Is Luxury Destined To Be Electric?

Electric cars are coming whether you want them or not. And one segment where they’ll become prevalent even more quickly is in the luxury sector.

Think about it. Smooth, quiet engines and powertrains have long been major selling points for the likes of Rolls Royce and Bentley. Couple these brands with the latest electric car tech and you have a formidable match. For the chauffeured elite who like to travel in peace and quiet there’s really only one drawback with electric power at the moment and that is range. Give it a few years and this will be on par with petrol and diesel. We are already seeing all electric models from BMW with the i7 and Rolls Royce with the Spectre.

BMW i7 on Judd Model One

BMW is really leading the way in electric luxury. The iX is becoming a more common sight on the roads now. And with BMW’s ‘love it or hate it’ styling you’ll always remember seeing one. BMW’s biggest rival Mercedes have also dipped into the electric luxury market with the new super slippery, aerodynamic EQE and EQS.