New Land Rover Defender Octa

Supercar fast Defender has over 620bhp!

A new more powerful and extreme version of the Defender has arrived…
The Octa.
Packing over 620bhp, a 155mph top speed and 0-60mph in under 4 seconds. This is the ultimate Defender and it isn’t just for the roads, it is just as capable off-road despite the massive power increase over standard.

The Octa is only available in the 110 body shape and is limited to just 1070 models. In Discovery and Defender Brand Boss Mark Cameron’s words it is ‘a Defender on steroids’. The build project was focused on making something that works as well on the road as it does off-road. And on paper it seems like they’ve succeeded. This is done with a highly advanced chassis set-up using the 6D dynamics suspension from the Range Rover Sport SV. It also features longer and tougher wishbones and added underbody protection.

The Octa is powered by the same 4.4 litre BMW derived V8 as the Range Rover but it has been tweaked to produce 626bhp and 590lb ft of torque.