Porsche 911 Hybrid.. Really??

Yes it’s true, Porsche have confirmed that this year the 992.2 generation 911 will gain a hybrid powertrain. It is set to arrive before 2025 and will be part of a few revisions of the current model as Porsche then looks towards the next generation and increased electrification of the 911.

The hybrid version will, rather interestingly use an electric motor for the front axle while the rear end will be powered purely by an internal combustion engine. A 48V integrated starter motor in the dual-clutch automatic gearbox will provide an electrified boost to the cars performance. The new system will generate its own energy using the engine as well as regeneration from braking as a generator. Power output is thought to be around 700bhp.

Revisions of the 6 cylinder engine will also be part of the update, No doubt in order to harmonise with the electric motor. The car’s exterior will also see some subtle styling changes. The electric motor will need more cooling so expect to see more ventilation/fins at the front of the car.

These revisions are here to keep the 992.2 going until the arrival of the next generation in what is widely thought to be 2027. The whole Porsche range will see more electrification in general as the new Macan shows. It seems inevitable we will see similar in the Cayenne and Panamera line-ups.