Flow Forged
Model One
Weights From 12.3KG
The Model One is the beginning of a new age in design. A wheel of 3 dimensions, use this wheel to create a staggering first impression and add aggression to any mix without compromise.




Model One



Model One

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Flow Forged


Our fitment range is always expanding, if you require something specific don’t hesitate to enquire! We cater for every PCD so no need to worry.

Current Sizes Include: 10.5X20, 10.5X21, 10.5X22, 10.5X23, 11X21, 9.5X21, 9X21, 9X22, 8.5X20, 9X20, 9.5X20, 10X20
With Offset’s Ranging from ET25 TO 45


Weight Reduction Back-Pad Pocketing & Water Channeling / Lifetime Structural Warranty + 12 Month Finish Warranty

Flow Forging -- The Process.

We work hard to exhibit each one of our commissions so you can see our work for yourself. We collaborate from start to finish, and make sure that our customers are getting the best service and product possible.

Expert customer advice and the ability to distribute wheels and tyres over the globe we pride ourselves in giving the customer a professional experience.

Step 1  An intricate aluminum block is created with the barrel ready to be Flow Forged.

Step 2  The wheel now spins at a high rate as it gets heated to allow for the stretching of the material.

Step 3  Once heated, the rollers press onto the barrel in a downward motion to the required width of the wheel.

Step 4  As this process finishes, the aluminum strengthens giving the wheel higher impact tolerance.


From concept to production our amalgamation of engineering and design forms the foundation from which we build. Amassing data from thousands of different cars means we can offer unparalleled service.

Engineering 4

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