Super Tourers

Fancy a weekend blast around Scotland this summer? Here are a few options.

Audi RS4

While the world goes mad about the RS6 the RS4 just does it’s thing, and that is everything. Yes it’s a bit smaller than the RS6 but that’s no bad thing unless you’re hauling a family of 4 around. The RS4 is every bit as fun and a very smooth drive if you’re not pushing it too hard. Featuring 4wd, 444bhp and a lovely V8 growl the RS4 is a fantastic way to get across countries fast. You need to rev this beast a bit to get the best out of it and that’s no bad thing.

Audi RS4 on Judd T311R

BMW 3 Series Touring

In the years before SUVs were popular the 3 Series Touring was the weapon of choice for crossing continents in speedy comfort. With a range of engine options which now include mild hybrids the estate version of the 3 series is still very much a driver’s car. The M3 Touring being very much the car of the moment for BMW fans.

BMW 3 Series Touring on Judd Model One

Mercedes C Class Estate

Rated by many and a classy, spacious option for travelling long distances. The C Class offers many engine options and a reputation for reliability. From the 200 series diesels all the way up to the C43 and 63 alternatives the Mercedes caters to a wide variety of budgets and needs. A real allrounder.

Mercedes Benz C Class Estate on Judd T311R