Tax Free Motoring.... Almost

Looking for something cheap to tax. Here are a few options.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

Go for the 2.2 turbo diesel 180 variant and you can enjoy £20 a year road tax!

Audi A1

The Mk1 version of Audi’s super little mini can be had in both tax free and low tax options. Some 1 litre petrol models are tax free. The 236bhp diesel is just £20 a year to tax and even the 1.4 litre petrol with 148bhp is only £35 to tax annually.

BMW 4 Series

A 2015 420d Coupe M Sport can be had for under £10k and costs just £35 a year to tax.

Ford Focus ST

Go for the 2015 oil burning version of Ford’s ever popular ST and road tax will cost you just £20 a year.

Volkswagen Golf

Go for the GTD or GTE Golf and you’ll pay little to no tax per year.