Tesla Model 2

Will the affordable EV ever happen?

For the last few weeks it has been pretty much impossible to avoid the hype surrounding the general release of the Cybertruck but what is next from Tesla? Could it be the affordable Model 2 we’ve been hearing rumours of for the past 2 years?

After being vaunted as ‘The most affordable Tesla yet’ many people have been waiting for this car as a more realistic way to buy in to the brand. As a high-production model it is expected to be priced at around $30,000US. A price that puts Tesla into a new market where they will battle with cheaper cars like Toyotas and Hondas. As a more budget friendly model we can expect range to be around 250 miles. The car should in theory be a smaller version of the Model 3 and will likely sport the same aesthetic.

The production of the Model 2 is said to be revolutionary in terms of how Tesla factories build cars, with increased efficiencies in both time and physical space being learned from the construction of the Model Y and Cybertruck being applied to it’s construction.