The Best 7 Seaters

Got lots of people to haul? Here are some top movers.

Volvo XC90

A brilliantly roomy interior, seriously high safety standards and classy looks make the now decade old Volvo a hit. If you’re looking to move 7 people around in comfort this is one of the top choices. Even if you go for the hybrid option you don’t lose any seats. It may not be as hi-tech as it’s rivals but it is certainly reliable and dependable in almost every scenario. It’s a big car but it’s very manoeuvrable and all the engine options on offer are pretty sprightly. All of them will get you to 60 in well under 10 seconds.

If you want a super smooth ride the Ultimate model has air suspension. If you want to pose opt for 22″ wheels, for comfort stick to 20″.

Volkswagen Transporter

Now on it’s seventh generation (as well as lots of little updates in between) the ever popular Transporter/Caravelle is one the most flexible options for moving either people or cargo around. And now the top choice for small camper vans. If you’re looking to customize then the sheer amount of after market options available are mind-boggling. The latest T6.1 has been pretty hard to get for the last year or so but are now more readily available. If you want to go electric you now have the option of the ID Buzz to pick from.

Mercedes GLB

Available as a GLB 200 petrol, or a 200 d or 220 d diesel, plus an AMG-lite GLB 35 AMG with a 302bhp turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol from the Mercedes-AMG A35. The GLB packs a lot into a pretty compact package. Go for the all wheel drive 4Matic model if you’re likely to go off-road. Yes it has seven seats but within a smaller package the furthest back are only really suitable for children or small adults.

Audi Q7

Generally this is thought of as the best of the bunch when it comes to 7 seaters. The Audi has been around for a long time now but it really just gets better. It seats seven but drives amazingly well for a big car. Newer models all have mild-hybrid assistance that aids the engine in saving fuel. If you want speed there’s a petrol variant packing 500bhp! All the engine options have decent grunt and the ride comfort and suspension is really a cut above the rest.