Time To Switch?

Electric Cars? Are They Worth It?

Tesla Model Y on Judd Model One

Nothing in the automotive world sparks debate more than electric cars (well maybe the styling of the latest BMWs runs it a close second) but like them or not, they are definitely here to stay. Let’s take a look at a few and ask if making the switch is worthwhile.


Tesla is synonymous with the electric car. Ask anyone to name an electric automotive manufacturer and they’ll likely say the name of Elon Musk’s huge company. Tesla is always making headlines with 0-60 times, autonomous driving and innovative features but up until now it has lacked in quality in some areas. Taking a look at the panel gaps on the Model 3 for example is a bit of an eye opener! People will point to these kinds of things as teething problems but Tesla has been making cars for almost 2 decades now and issues such as these should really have been ironed out by now. Look past these little issues and you’ll find that Tesla owners are mostly very passionate and knowledgeable about their cars and the brand overall.

The latest Tesla models offer eye-watering acceleration and an increasingly better range. But for many people a tech company building a car isn’t as appealing as a traditional car comapany building a high-tech electric car.


This is where we see the other side of the coin. A German manufacturer known for it’s build quality now building pure electric cars. As a part of the mammoth VW group Audi and it’s parent company have been making electric cars for a few years now. And while they may lack the pure cutting-edge technology of Tesla, they make up for it with great build quality. The Audi E-Tron GT (aka the Porsche Taycan) are now showing us what these manufacturers can do with electric.

Audi E Tron GT on Judd Model One


Mustang makes most people think ‘muscle car’ but even that hallowed name has now been applied to electric. The Mustang Mach-E from Ford is a very capable SUV with sporty styling and a decent range. It is available in both AWD or RWD options.


The all electric I-Pace has been around for quite a while now and still looks good with it’s edgy styling. It’s not mega fast but can achieve a pretty good range of almost 300 miles on a charge if you are careful.

Jaguar I-Pace on Judd T311R


Mercedes-Benz have come to the EV party a bit later than everyone else but their latest electric cars are truly impressive machines. Mercedes have really concentrated on aerodynamic efficiency to increase range. And it certainly shows! The EQS model is often getting well over 400 miles on a charge. The styling is seriously sci-fi but the handling can be a little on the springy side.

Mercedes EQE on Judd Model One