Used EV Choices

Considering a pre-owned electric vehicle? Here are a few you might want to look at.

Volkswagen ID.3

The e-Golf replacement has been around for a few years now and is a pretty common sight on the road. It’s practical and pretty dependable. There are two variants to choose from, the Pro or the Pro S. The Pro S has the bigger battery and therefore better range. It’s a nippy little car with decent space inside. The quality of the interior though is a little cheap and plasticky. A decent 2021 model will cost you around £20k.

Hyundai Kona

Not the most exciting electric car around but a good entry point into electric motoring. The Kona is a bit of crossover/small SUV and has a decent level of tech packed into it for the price. Like the ID.3 it comes with two battery variants. Ultimate trim is the one to look out for if you want the best spec. Prices from £21K for a 2021 model.

Tesla Model 3

The name that’s synonymous with electric cars and also a real ‘love it or hate it’ brand. The interior is seriously minimalist but the level of tech is really at the forefront of the EV world. A used 2020 example with 20,000 miles will cost you around £25000.

BMW i3

Something a little different. The i3 has been around longer than most. It is probably the cheapest BMW to run there has ever been. If you only tootle around the city then the small battery version might just do you. Even though it’s small it is built of lightweight aluminium and even some carbon fibre. I recent years bigger battery packs have been added but it’s still really just a city car. A 2020 car with low miles will only cost you from £18k upwards.