What Does The New AMG GT43 Have In Common With The A45S?

To cut a long story short it’s the engine! Usually when we think of AMG we think of big V8s but Mercedes seem to be scaling down engine-wise and using hybrid technology to fill the gap. We can’t sell the A45S engine short though. In Mercedes’ fast hatch it makes 415bhp and 369lb ft of torque. Really impressive figures for a 2 litre engine.

In the GT it will be paired with Mercedes’ 48V mild hybrid system which actually spins the turbo to reduce lag. And of course the most important difference in the GT is where all that power goes, the rear wheels.

The GT43 is said to manage 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds and will run on to a top speed of nearly 174mph. AMG’s nine speed auto gearbox with is standard.

Rear wheel steering is also an option as well as an AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package which includes dynamic engine mounts, an electronic rear diff, a ‘race’ drive mode, yellow brake calipers and even a little active aero.